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You can purchase Apex Urethane Millwork products from one of our many local dealers in your area. You can find a local dealer by going to our Dealer Locator section of our webpage, or you can contact our Customer Support Department at 717-246-1948 and they will help you find a dealer in your area.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase direct. Please visit the Dealer Locator section of our webpage or contact our Customer Support Department at 717-246-1948 for a distributing dealer in your area.

Apex Urethane Millwork products vary in price due to varying factors such as size of products, weight of products, pipes and accessories used. Please check with your local Apex Urethane Millwork dealer for retail pricing.

The Apex Urethane Millwork product is made from precision molded, high-density rigid polyurethane.

No. Apex Urethane Millwork is made from high-density polyurethane foam that is extremely rigid, unlike polystyrene which has a soft nature. Apex Urethane Millwork has the look and feel of wood.

Apex Urethane Millwork products are created by mixing isocyanate and resin together. The mixture is then injected into one of our custom handcrafted molds. Once the polyurethane has been injected into the mold, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the foam to rise and take the shape of the pattern inside of the mold. The mold is then placed under pressure until the polyurethane has taken shape and hardened, inside the mold. When the polyurethane has fully formed and hardened it can be removed from the mold, finished, and painted.

Apex Urethane Millwork products will not melt under normal weather and installation conditions.

There are no special skills required to install the Apex Urethane Millwork products. If you can install a wood product, then you can install the Apex Urethane Millwork quite easily. You can cut, screw, and sand the Apex Urethane Millwork just like a wood product.

Apex Urethane Millwork recommends that you use stainless steel or non corrosive fasteners along with the PL Premium adhesive. Basic tools that may be needed during installation are: Mitre saw, mitre box, screw driver, level, putty knife, and paint brush.

Apex recommends that you always use stainless steel or non-corrosive fasteners along with the PL Premium adhesive. Due to the sensitivity of decorative mouldings, Apex Urethane Millwork recommends over-cutting mouldings by ¼” per 10 foot length and spring fitting the moulding as tightly as possible.

Apex Urethane Millwork recommends that exterior applications be installed at temperatures no lower than 50°F. For interior or exterior installation, Apex Urethane Millwork recommends that the product be acclimated to the installation temperature for a minimum of 24 hours before installation.

The Apex Urethane Millwork product needs very little maintenance, and/or attention. Wash with mild dish soap detergent and rinse.

No, the Apex Urethane Millwork product is not a source of food for insects as it is not made from wood.

No. Apex Urethane Millwork products do not absorb water as they have a closed-cell structure. This closed-cell structure will prevent water absorption. The Apex Urethane Millwork is ideal for installation on any waterfront property or property in areas with high humidity and salt spray conditions.

Apex Urethane Millwork offers a full line Catalog, CD, and CAD Drawings.

Apex Urethane Millwork products add charm and beauty to both the interior and the exterior of your home.

Apex Urethane Millwork has thousands of products ranging from balustrade systems, columns, window heads, arches, entrance systems, pilasters, brackets, louvers, and keystones. Apex Urethane Millwork offers most of our product line in custom sizes and profiles. Apex Urethane Millwork adds hundreds of new styles and patterns to our product line each year.

No. Apex Urethane Millwork offers many functional items in our catalog. We offer functioning louvers, load bearing columns, and structural porch posts.

Apex Urethane Millwork strictly recommends that you use the PL Premium Urethane-based adhesive.

Apex Urethane Millwork products have a density of about 14 pounds per cubic foot.

Apex recommends that you use Bondo (available at any automotive store) to fill in any screw holes. You can also use the Bondo to repair any damage to the product either during installation or after.

Apex Urethane Millwork products come with a 10-year warranted, custom-formulated, water- based paint coating that is V.O.C. compliant “MacroNano” Technology, resisting harsh environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, acid rain and extreme temperature variations. No further painting is required unless you wish to change the white finished product shipped to you.

Since all “polyurethane” products are subject to thermal expansion and contraction, it is recommended that consideration to “lighter” paints be selected in your choice of colors, as darker colors absorb more radiation than lighter colors. Flat, Eggshell and Satin Finishes are recommended due to their slight porous nature during the curing process.

The mouldings come in various sizes ranging from 8’ to 20’ lengths. The last two numbers of the item number tell you the length of the moulding in feet. Example 01-102-16 is a 16’ length.

Apex Urethane Millwork is Made in the USA. All of the Apex Urethane Millwork products are water-blown polyurethane and are finished using only water-based paint.

Apex Urethane Millwork offers unparalleled Customer Service and Support. Short lead times on standard, stock and custom manufactured items.

No, you cannot use Liquid Nails on the Apex Urethane Millwork products. Apex Urethane Millwork strictly recommends the use of PL Premium Urethane-based adhesive for installation.

Yes, Apex Urethane Millwork has an extensive product development department that specializes in recreating items that our customers need.

Apex Urethane Millwork offers most of our products in custom sizes that meet your special requirements. Fax your request into our Technical Support Department for a quote at 717-244-7306.

Yes, Apex Urethane Millwork is 100% manufactured in the United States of America, using 100% designed, developed, and manufactured raw materials.

Yes, Apex Urethane Millwork sells our four different styles of pilasters in pairs, as are our shutters.